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Samedi 14 novembre à 9h30 – en ligne sur zoom

Covid ou pas, cette période est souvent vécue comme une course contre la montre et les dernières semaines sont ou peuvent être très stressantes. Les restrictions actuelles compliquent la situation. Avec Hélène de Allaventure, nous vous avons préparé un atelier ultra-pratique pour vous donner toutes les clés pour vous organiser dans les semaines qui viennent et tout cela depuis chez vous.

💫 Notre objectif : vous aider à bâtir votre calendrier personnalisé avec un plan d’action, vous donner une foule d’idées et surtout vous transmettre un maximum d’énergie pour que vous repartiez avec une sérénité à toute épreuve pour préparer la fin de l’année.

Pour plus de détails, cliquez sur le lien de l’atelier:

Helene Cuney from @allaventure and I, have joined our experiences to prepare & organize you a varied and practical programme to master and enjoy the last months of 2020 with complete peace of mind and serenity. We give you all the keys to master your agenda and make the most of this period. You will find an overview of the programme and the links to book your place.

In the days leading up to each workshop, we will present the details of the event during a live broadcast on FB/IG. We do propose all the workshops on site, as well as, online. Therefore, if a workshop is banned on site, we will still offer it online.

The first dates are the 1st and 3rd of October.
Here is the link for the vision of all the events and the link to registration:

For the moment, all the workshops are held in French.

Should you be interested to join the workshops in English or in German, please contact me. Should we have enough participants, we will organize it also in the requested language.

Our 5 workshops have the following topics:

  • The keys to control your diary and stay zen This new school year, it’s decided: I’m no longer running after time and I live in a pleasant and tidy space!
  • Introduction to treasure hunting.
    How can I be sure to be at the right place?
    How can I find a job that completely fulfils me?
    What balance do I need to be completely happy?

In this workshop,Hélène guide you through different exercises to update your values and talents in order to draw a professional and/or personal project that makes sense for you and makes you want to get up every morning.

  • Sorting, tidying and optimising your wardrobe.
    Your wardrobe is overflowing but you don’t know what to wear in the morning.
    You’d like to do a thorough cleaning and not have to buy new clothes over and over again.
    In this workshop, I show you „in action“ how to sort and keep the essentials. Thanks to some tips and tricks, you will gain physical and mental space and even save money!
  • Advent and Christmas preparations
    Would you like to make your own Advent calendar?
    You don’t want to be overwhelmed by the stress of the end of the year and make your preparations at the last minute?

This workshop is for you: you will leave with your unique and eco-friendly Advent calendar and you will have a concrete and workable plan to approach the festive season with peace of mind.

  • Year-end balance sheet and 2021 objectives
    What have I achieved this year? What have I learned and what is my vision for next year?

This workshop is an opportunity to take some time for yourself and reflect on the past year. You take stock, learn from your experiences and leave with a clear vision of what you want to achieve in 2021.


DessineMoi Munich avec Hélène Cuney

November 30th 2019
*Merci à Hélène Cuney de Dessine-Moi Munich de s’être intéressée à ma passion pour le rangement, l’odre et à ma vie sur Munich. J’espère que mon parcours et celui d’Hélène permetteront de donner le courage à certains de vivre sa passion et de se lancer dans une nouvelle aventure.

*Thank you Hélène Cuney from DessineMoi Munich for being interested in my passion for order, cleaning and in my life in Munich. I hope that  Hélène’s career and mine will help some people to provide them the courage to live their passion and to embark on a new adventure.

*Vielen Dank an Hélène Cuney vom DessineMoi Munich für Ihre Interesse an meiner Leidenschaft für Ordnung, Organisation und an meinem Leben in München. Ich hoffe, dass unsere beiden Karriere einigen Menschen den Mut geben, ihre Leidenschaft zu leben und sich auf ein neues Abenteuer einzulassen.

The podcast*: 
#passion#organisation#nouvelle chance

*The podcast is in French language.

November 18, 2019 
Ich hatte die Ehre an den Podcast* für Jerome Lecot von Connexion Emploi teilzunehmen und über mein Studium und meine professionelle Berufserfahrung in München zu erzählen. 

I had the Chance to participate at a podcast* for Jerome Lecot from Connexion Emploi, where I talked about my University time and my professional experience in Munich.

J’ai  eu l’honneur de participer à un podcast* pour Jerome Lecot de Connexion Emploi, pour raconter mon Parcours universitaire et mon expérience professionnelle.

*The podcast is in French language. 

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